Shark attack?

I read  a piece on Public Sector Forums today by Patrick Barnes at Chester. It appears a  company seems to have hijacked elements of his pages into frames and has published it as if it were theirs.

So I checked here…

and sure enough some of our own data was up there. Accessed via the pages our “my Lincolnshire” feature is being used.

Just my opinion of course, and what do I know… but it tends towards passing off at best and deceptive at worst. Patrick’s  suggesting we get together and raise both awareness and clamor.

Patricks full piece makes for interesting reading. You can find it here…

This issue brings into focus the debate about re-use of local government data. Should we allow its free use? Is this re-use or rip off? Is it right for companies such as this to benefit from taxpayers money  etc etc etc?

I’d be interested in your opinions.