Sitemorse. Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

Reputation on line article

Those chaps at Sitemorse, never slow to throw bricks at what they ‘judge’ as failing councils, picked on Lincolnshire County Council last week.

Using a spurious article from ‘The Sun’ where LCC were accused of spending £35,000 on a consultant to teach them how to Tweet, Vikki Chowney at Reputationonline here chose to construct a piece on Twitter in large organisations. Sitemorse used this article as a reference to say this… ” Rather than spending £35,000 twittering, perhaps Lincolnshire should focused on sorting out the complaince, quality and finctionality of thier own site as it was the greatest faller, dropping 254 places, scoring 3.77.”

Setting aside the own goals of the spelling mistakes; If ever you wanted a demonstration of how a piece is wrong in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place then this is it.

As I no longer work for Lincolnshire County Council I am not here to defend their wasteful spend on a Comms consultant – you can read all about Mr Fletcher, the consultant in question, and just how much he has cost the tax payers of Lincolnshire here and here – what I am commenting on is the use of totally wrong information to rig up a jibe  at an authority simply because they don’t use your service.  Fletcher’s report was not about teaching LCC to Tweet. So far as I am aware Fletcher knows nothing about Twitter other than not to use it.

I have talked in the past about  Sitemorse’s curious practice of kicking their potential clients where it hurts and then expecting them to become users of their service. Here we see jackboot marketing ably demonstrated yet again by these masters of tact.

I have said to Sitemorse before they should check their facts, not only, as in this case, when they take a swipe at an erstwhile client but also when they construct their reports. Oh yes, and thay shud chack there spillung two.