4 thoughts on “Now is the time to say goodbye. (Goodbye) Now is the time to yield a sigh.

  1. Great post, thanks. The question I always return to is: how can government organisations and charities be reformed so that they instinctively but ‘users’, ‘clients’ and ‘customers’ first? Not just with regard to digital communications but across every aspect of their operation. That’s the great challlenge facing us.

  2. entirely agree with the sentiments in this post…meddling amateurs oh yes, plenty of those. Especially the ones who knock up horrible posters in Publisher and think this qualifies them as web designers.

  3. This will be my “I’ve left” blog post too. To protect the guilty I’ve changed my name and email to defeat gravatar.

  4. I agree with this post and John. It’s a nightmare here. When I leave all the secrets will be revealed… not that anyone would care anyway!

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