The ‘How To’ on social media

Dave Briggs is running an event in May.

If you don’t know about Dave Briggs… where have you been? Dave is a gifted speaker – I had the sinking feeling of following on from him once at conference in Birmingham – and general uber-geek on all things Social media.

Social media. If you want to know what it’s all about, why you should be using it and how it can help you in local government get along to his event. You’ll learn a lot and your council will benefit.

Information here.


3 thoughts on “The ‘How To’ on social media

  1. Isn’t this old news now? At a recent Local by Social event almost all the councils there were already aware of and activley using Social Media. I think Social Media needs to be taken to the next step.

  2. Peter, thanks for the mention – and your comments are literally too kind (but appreciated!)

    Alice – to many it is old news. Which is good! But for many not so much. I’ve been promoting the use of these tools since I was working in local gov myself five or six years ago and it’s fair to say the conversation has moved on to a certain degree. It’s no longer a case of convincing authorities they need to be doing this stuff, most get that now.

    But knowing exactly what to do, how best to go about it and how to manage some of those internal political issues is not yet really embedded and it’s something I’ve had a lot of requests for.

    The other thing I’d point out is that the people that attend Local by Social type events really aren’t the people that need to attend sessions like this. But there are a whole lot of authorities, especially in the East Midlands/East of England, that don’t get along to many of these events, and my workshop is really aimed at them.

    Probably a bit of a long answer to a quick and maybe rhetorical question – I’m obviously feeling a bit touchy about this!

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