Is all net traffic considered equal?

At the moment that would a ‘Yes” but Internet Neutrality is under threat!
So what I hear you say. Well consider this. How would you like your lovely and important  web site content deliberately slowed down at the receiving end unless you pay  to ensure it remains fast?  That is the threat the abolition of net neutrality poses . Sort of knocks a hole in the importance of the vaunted “ fast download speed’ requirement advocated by SOCITM and their suppliers of on-line tests.

At the moment it just relates to the wireless end but…

Greater and more informed minds than mine have written about this here,  here and here.

Would GOOGLE sell us down the river? Apparently a river only the wealthy will be able to cross?  Seems so. Google’s view is  here. And their explanation of their stance here.

Go take a look. Join the debate and have your say.
Which side of the fence are you? Will your council pay do you think?


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