2 thoughts on “Internal Social Networking for Local Government. It’s here.

  1. Peter, a great blog about an important subject. Too often the use of innovative online tech is talked about as if it is the preserve of the marketing and comms types – it clearly isn’t, and I would argue that in these days of budget pressures, the internal approach is the best one to take for anyone trying to build a business case for doing interesting things online.

    I think that is because social software behind the firewall potentially touches every member of staff in the council, and so has a greater possibility of a transformative effect on working practices. It offers so many opportunities: cutting down on silos, reducing duplication of effort, ensuring the talent in the organisation is recognised and put to good use, making flexible working a better option, managing knowledge in a reasonably effective way.

    There is a lot of good stuff coming out of the States at the moment on this topic, generally under the heading of ‘Enterprise 2.0’ – Andrew McAfee’s book of that title is worth getting, and his blog a good read. You probably already know this though!

    Keep up the good work, and keep updating this blog with what you are finding – it sounds like a fascinating journey.

    Out of interest, what software are you using for this project?

  2. Dave,
    Thanks for your comments. I’ve not been following Andrew McAfee but am now and yes ours would seem to be Enterprise 2.0 as defined by Andrew as…
    “Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers.”
    We’ve not quite ventured to work with partners yet, though at least one of the District Councils in our area has an intention to share what we are doing – perhaps we can work cross organisationally with them.

    As to the Software. We are using “Telligent” distributed to Local Government here in the UK by Abacus e-media of London – contact: Stephen Cave. e:stephen.cave@abacusemedia.com t:020 7297 5200
    As I say it’s early days for us but like Andrew says in his “drop the pilot” blog as soon as we have tested this then out it goes to adapt and grow – we hope.

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