When the needs of the user are constantly evolving, standing still is not an option.

The Lincolnshire Echo produced  a negative piece today about Lincolnshire County Council’s web site. The piece attacked the Councils spend, the size of the web team and, ludicrously, the Councils  need to update the site regularly. The inference being Lincolnshire County Council are wasting tax payers money by producing the Council web site.

The County Council web team has constructed a rebuttal here…
thewaistline by Lincolnshire County Council
The piece on TheWaistline defends the Council’s spend on its web site, its use of external contractors and suppliers to produce the site, the size of the web team, it discusses what the web team does and the size of the task, its need for constant development of the site and how the site is perceived by those who have some knowledge on the issues surrounding Local Government web sites – as opposed to the perceptions of those who simply wish to throw brickbats.
But, better still, it talks of how the web site and by definition the web team, make savings of over £1million a year for the Council.
This article is worth a read by anybody who is similarly pilloried by a clumsy and unaware press.

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