Twittering on in the classroom

While Local Government wrestles with the concept of social media – should we do it, shouldn’t we do it – the rest of the world steams, or should that be streams, on.

It seems student participation in the classroom can be improved by the use of Twitter. You can see here a piece on the subject.

Fascinating. But could we in local government use it along the same lines? Perhaps we could run a Twitter stream alongside our web broadcasted council meetings where constituents could interact with the Cllrs?

Perhaps we could use it in our own conferences or training sessions to send questions up to the presenters?

Perhaps we don’t have to attend, in bulk, management meetings which could be held by video conferencing and interaction achieved by social media techniques? Think of the money and carbon saved in doing that!

And then again perhaps these are simply flights of fancy.

Well they may be for today, at least in Local Government, but they wont be for tomorrow. There is a reticence on behalf of the officers and members to become embroiled in this new-fangled stuff. ‘It’s just a frippery, a waste of time’. A luddite view perhaps? I think so.

There is a need to embrace this new ( well it isn’t new anymore is it) technology to “engage with our customers”. It’s what a lot of our time is spent blathering on about and yet we seem to ignore the techniques which could easily achieve that!