What would Google do?

I was given a book recently: one I had not heard of but having read only the first 40 pages I wished I had read it much earlier.
It’s called “What would Google do” by Jeff Jarvis. I suppose it’s a parody of ‘what would jesus do’. I’m not here to discuss the omnipotence of Jesus or Google. That’s a whole different discussion better conducted by somebody who has an interest in such things.
No this is about Google, what they have done, what they do and how what they have done has changed forever business models across the world.
Now you may be thinking ‘It’s about business so it wont interest us in local government’. You could not be more wide of the mark if you faced the other direction.
Something I learned long ago in my marketing days was you should listen to people who complain. Afterall they have taken the time to write or call you to tell you about your service. You wont learn from people who tell you how good you are.
Jarvis promotes the theory that your worst customer is your best friend and I couldn’t agree more. Listen to your complaining customers and do something about what they say. You won’t regret it.
This book will show you more about customer service in the 21st century than most courses you could take. And it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.
Go look for it on Amazon or other book service site. It really will be worth it.

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